Caring for your Leather Corset

You too can have an hourglass figure without discomfort.

It is often said that when there is no pain there is no gain. Please let me set the record straight. A corset is NOT a torture device. It should not poke. It should not pinch, rub, ride up or hurt in any way. You should get good back support, great boob liftage, and a smooth, flat tummy. Now, a corset cannot perform miracles but it sure can disguise some of our worst body flaws.

  • The very best way to fit gently into your corset is to follow a ritual. If you are attending a 9:00 Event in your corset:

  • Put it on at 5:00. Tighten it a ½ inch to one inch per hour until you are cinched in 2 to 4 inches.

You have allowed yourself to gently compress into the right size. This will also prolong the life of your corset.

Care for your Leather Corset

  • Wearing a thin nylon tube top under your new corset is preferred to keep bacteria and body perspiration from damaging the fabric.

  • Always loosen the back laces before attempting to unhook the front busk. Not doing so will bend the hooks or the busk itself. You may get stuck because the center hook just won't unhook. This is VERY frustrating.

  • When the corset is removed lay it over a chair or rod by the laces. Allow it to air out before putting it away.

  • A light spritz of a mixture of one part denatured alcohol and 9 parts water will kill bacteria and odors. Mind what I say when I say light spritzing. Pretend you are trying on perfume. Spray and then pass your garment through it. In other words do not allow any spots of water to form.

  • If you are at an event where a Boot Black is set up, slip your corset on and let it warm up. The Black will take good care of you at least 2 times per year.

  • If you do not ever see Boot Blacks, you need to feed your corset and take care of it like a pair of good leather boots. Most often scratches and rubs disappear with proper care.

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