This beauty deserves its own page (not to mention my beautiful customer). It is shaped to curve. You can put this one on with jeans, or, as we have here with an elegant skirt and top. The sky is the limit for reasons to wear this waist cincher out just about anywhere. Do not be afraid to reach outside the box when you style your corsets. A bit of shine is appreciated on runways all over the world. If you are ordering a corset you are already a bit out there... don't wimp out and be just like everyone else... Strive to STAND out.

Black PVC Underbust Corset

  • Busk : 12”
    Underarm : 10-1/2”
    Privacy Panel: 7” wide
    Waist Tape : 7”

    Boning : 12 spiral steel bones, 2 flat steel bones to protect grommets in back. 

    Back : 10-1/2"

    Garter Loops : 6

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