Underbust corsets are a life saver. These are the answer for those of you that have an ample bust and no hips. An over the bust corset just doesn't work for you if you have a pear shape. That is, all hips and no bust. Cinch in the middle with these beautiful colors and give yourself an hour glass shape. Ms. Martha can show you how to shop for the perfect little black dress or white silk pants to go with your new underbust corset.The busk is 12 inches long in the front and it measures 9.5 inches in the back. There is always a privacy panel you can choose to use or not. The corset is lined with a soft to the hand cotton twill that wicks for your comfort..


One can expect a 4 inch to 6 inch reduction in the waist depending on your squishy factor. If you are a tiny hard body you can expect a 2 inch reduction.


You are never charged extra for being a plus size, or for shipping. This becomes quite a value when you add these freebees up.


Also available in Silver and Black Overbust and Underbust and Red and Black Overbust!

Red and Black Silk Harlequin Underbust Corset

Color: Black & Red
  • Busk : 12”
    Underarm : 9-1/2"”
    Privacy Panel: 7” wide
    Waist Tape : 11”

    Boning : 12 spiral steel bones, 2 flat steel bones to protect grommets in back. 

    Back : 9.5"

    Garter Loops : 6

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