This collection glows. You are viewing an over the bust corset. Ms Martha designed these beauties for those events where good taste is demanded and color is wanted. You will part the waters in this silk brocade corset. Made with 22 spiral steel bones and reinforced steel busk this corset will lift your breasts, hold in your tummy and aid your posture. If fitted right it should feel like a super hug. It has a cotton twill lining that is soft to the touch and wicks for your comfort. The front busk is 15 inches long. The back is 11 inches long. Ms Martha always includes a privacy panel you can choose to use or not. The corset is lined with a soft to the hand cotton twill that wicks for your comfort. One can expect a 4 inch to 6 inch reduction in the waist depending on your squishy* factor. If you are a tiny hard body you can expect a 2 inch reduction.


You are never charged extra for being a plus size,or a privacy panel. This becomes quite a value when you add these advantages up.


A corset should never poke, pinch, rub or cause shallow breathing. Please refer to the sizing page when ordering.


Squishy Factor- A bone is a bone and a rib is a rib. One can not safely and for fashion reasons reduce either. However!!! One can displace the tissue that covers the bone and ribs. Your squishy factor determines how much you can lace down.

Fleur de Lis Silk Overbust

  • Busk : 15”
    Underarm : 13”
    Privacy Panel: 8” wide
    Waist Tape : 7/3-4”

    Boning : 10 spiral steel bones, 2 flat steel bones to protect grommets in back. 

    Back : 13"

    Garter Loops : 6

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