Finding the Right Size for You

Measurement Information


This information is critical for all buyers: men, women and transgender individuals.

​To take your measurements in inches or centimeters, slide your hand down the side of your rib cage. When you feel a stop in you rib cage, you have found your waist. Firmly place a tape measure around your waist at that point and tug slightly; this is your waist measurement. Be sure to take the measurement 2 to 3 times to ensure accuracy. This measurement is your true measurement, please do not add or subtract inches and order true to the sizing table.

Traditional corsets are sold in waist sizes. I do so as well. I like to keep it simple. By offering you a range of 4 inches between sizes I am encouraging you to customize your order.

Longer flat laces and a 6" privacy panel allow me to only need a waist measurement.

If you are right at the brink of a size and are planning to lose weight then please order a size down. However, if you honestly have no intention of dieting and are gloriously happy with your supreme self then order true to your measurements.

​If you are pear shaped, please pay closer attention to your hip size and figure up a size. We have other ways of filling up the top when necessary.

​If you have any questions, now is the time to ask them! Please contact Ms. Martha at:

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